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There are no real frequencies where bass is categorized, but it ranges from approximately below 20 Hz PPGI PPGL steel coil suppliers to 400 Hz. B: Magnet flux density in gap.Amplitude: The relative strength (usually voltage of a signal). There is one ampere in a circuit that has a one ohm resistance when one volt is applied to the circuit.

An electrical current that periodically changes in magnitude and direction. They are difficult to calculate for optimum performance.Basket: The metal frame of a speaker.Bi-amping: Means that instead of driving a speaker full-range with a single channel of amplification, through a single set of speaker cables, you really connect two sets of cables, with each set driven by a separate amplifier, or separate channels of a multi-channel amplifier.Amplifier: An electrical circuit created to raise the current, voltage, or power of an applied signal.

Bass Frequencies (Low Frequencies): The low end of the audio frequency spectrum.Band-Pass Enclosure: Type of enclosure used for subwoofers where the driver is completely inside the enclosure and all of the output emerges through a port(s) on one of the sides.Alternator: A component that is turned by a motor to produce AC voltage, which is then rectified (turned into DC) and used to supply voltage to the vehicle's electrical system.Ampere (A): The unit of measurement for electrical current in coulombs per second.

Audio Frequency: The acoustic spectrum of human hearing, generally regarded to be between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. This means low frequencies and high frequencies each receive dedicated amplification.Bandwidth: The range of frequencies covered by a driver or a network (crossover).Baffle: A board or other plane surface used to mount a loudspeaker.Balance: Same strength provided to both left and right stereo channels. Amplitude can be expressed as either a negative or positive number, depending on the signals being compared.Car Audio Dictionary:A: Attenuation, loss of dB.Attenuation:

The reduction, typically by some controlled amount, of an electrical signal.Air Gap: The space separating the top plate and the pole piece.Alpha: In sealed steel coil suppliers enclosure designs, the ratio of Vas to Vb, where Vb is the volume of the box you will build. Alignment: A class of enclosure parameters that gives optimum performance for a woofer with a given value of Q.Band-Pass Filter: An electric circuit created to pass only a certain range of frequencies.